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Eco Agro Science Co.

It is a leading company in the field of sustainable agriculture and innovative agricultural technology. The company aims to develop technical solutions that enhance crop productivity and improve the efficiency of agricultural resource use

Advantages offered by EcoAgroScience


Continuous pursuit of innovation and spending effort, time and money towards scientific research Echo works to keep pace with global trends aimed at maximizing innovation and scientific research in the agricultural field to meet the needs of the growing population, by working to create local solutions that contribute to solving problems facing agricultural producers by focusing scientific research efforts towards them, as well as localizing innovative globalization in the Egyptian agricultural market and making it accessible to workers in the agricultural field. Therefore, our approach is always that the products must be solutions, each of which helps the farmer to solve a problem he encounters during the production process, and through continuous experiments of current products and new products, we always strive to increase agricultural production and improve its quality.


Permanent development of performance and products and the company’s interaction with the agricultural sector. The work is not completed. This is the company’s view of performance, which always drives it towards further development and improvement at all levels, from the beginning of the product to the performance of the employees, passing through what EcoAgroSense can offer to the agricultural sector. . The development process includes: Product: conducting experiments on different crops to find new applications and improve the effectiveness in the approved applications, collecting feedback from customers and examining the possibility of developing the product in terms of quality or making an amendment by adding new materials in order to increase the efficiency. Employees: The company is constantly developing its employees through periodic training processes that raise the capabilities and skills of employees, and interest in scientific aspects, with the help of experts from different disciplines. Performance: Echo does not view itself as a provider of a product only, but includes its view of itself as being entrusted with the responsibility of providing many services to customers and the agricultural sector and working to contribute to its development as a part of the social issue for companies, as it included the process of facilitating Well-versed in communicating with customers in the usual aspects such as reaching out to customers, delivering product and providing agricultural advice


Sustainable and environmentally friendly farming
Since its inception, Eco has adopted a strict approach to making its products environmentally friendly, which is reflected in its name
The company starting with the word Ecology, which comes from the English language, meaning environmental or the science of the environment.
Eco offers a group of natural products that work to increase the yield in quantity, quality and time
It itself has a positive impact on the environment and does not have residues that harm humans or beneficial organisms
On the contrary, our philosophy is based on the fact that the product contributes to the prosperity of beneficial organisms and the revitalization of the soil
Agricultural areas that have lost their fertility over the years due to the excessive use of chemical pesticides.
Our sustainability goals include increasing farm income, improving public health and reducing process inputs
Agricultural production and at the same time increase production.

Availability and Reliability

Availability of products along the supply chain throughout the year One of the important aspects of building trust between Eko and its customers is the availability of two important elements:
Availability and reliability, which the company is keen on providing And work to improve them, and availability means the availability of products to customers throughout the year, especially in Seasons of demand and in appropriate quantities, and the circle is completed with the other element, reliability through a product that covers The need for a definite effectiveness and a team of sales and technical support is present with the customer periodically throughout
General and exceptionally during seasons and emergencies in the event of problems for farmers. Eco manages the product supply process with great care, and tries despite the difficulties it encounters Import operations, working to provide sufficient stock of products to ensure their availability throughout the year
For merchants and farmers.
It seeks to develop the supply process by diversifying sources by introducing new products from many countries
As well as increasing the imported quantities of current products.

Food security

Safe food available to everyone
Food is one of the most basic human needs, and in the past years many residents have suffered
The countries of the world suffered from hunger and malnutrition, and contributed to the global green revolution that followed the World War
The second is to improve production and bridge part of the large gap between need and production, by reducing waste
The great disease that was caused by diseases, pests, and the lack of nutrition that she was exposed to
crops. A major contribution to the green revolution was achieved by improving irrigation systems and developing high-yielding varieties. and the use of fertilizers and pesticides, but the latter two had side effects represented in environmental degradation.
Globally and locally, and the spread of some dangerous diseases as a result of the excessive use of pesticides
Discover its effects on the environment and on human health after years of widespread use. With the expectation of an increase in population and the unfolding effects of the green revolution, the world is facing two major challenges, namely: Increasing production from approximately the same land area, preserving the environment and human health effects pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and this will not be possible, according to scientists, except through biotechnologies that It adopts natural products in their many forms that include beneficial microorganisms, and extracts the plants. The field of using natural products includes the control of pests and diseases that affect crops and cause diseases Loss in production, as well as crop nutrition through revitalizing the soil and restoring its fertility to reduce The use of chemical fertilizers, which Echo Company prides itself on in the form of agricultural products and solutions, is a result of The latest scientific research in this global trend.


profit for all
Eco company adopts a win-win rule in its policies towards customers, as it starts from the final consumer
The agricultural product has a good and healthy product, and it passes through the farms by maximizing the returns from agriculture by increasing production
And raising its quality, while reducing costs, as well as the merchant with a discount system that guarantees him the highest profitability.
Over the past years, farmers have suffered from high production costs and low productivity, and this imbalance
The farms had a negative impact on dealers and distributors, in addition to the profit margin
The products offered by merchants were low and disproportionate to the size of the risks, and therefore Echo Company worked
To develop a system that guarantees a profitable return to farmers from the use of products, as well as a high profit margin
For traders commensurate with the market requirements and the size of the risks to encourage them to continue dealing with the company
Over the years, and even increasing the volume of their business with the company year after year, and the company’s constant keenness to
Boom in the size of their business in the market.


Continuous and diversified support for customers. Echo Company provided various forms of support to customers, most notably the technical support service. The company works to provide scientific publications for products and crops, conduct seminars and scientific lectures that target the correct agricultural knowledge bulletin and develop agricultural methods. The company also provides field technical support that helps the trader to follow up on farmers and spread knowledge of products among them, and helps farmers in developing their agricultural production by reducing costs, increasing production and confronting problems related to production with the best solutions. Echo Company also offers comprehensive programs for crops that cover the uses of the company's products at all stages of the crop cycle, ensuring the highest utilization of the product and the lowest possible rates. Diseases and pests


Quality is the work method of the quality of the products on top of the priorities of the Eco company and cannot be waived. Rather, there is always a continuous effort towards raising the quality of products and ensuring their effectiveness. Scientific research is always followed up, the latest global technologies are monitored, and communication with international companies is made to improve the quality of current products or import products. New be distinct. The company is developing an accurate tracking system for the production and supply chain to ensure the quality and safety of the final product and its conformity with international specifications and local standards, and that it is compatible with the uses prescribed for it, and at the rates recommended by the company, as the company is keen to give the product the highest result at the lowest rate, which is what characterizes its products. Echo company, and it can be inferred from the high quality of the products.

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Seeking to expand the clean agricultural area. Using natural alternatives to fertilizers and pesticides instead of traditional chemical supplies. Sustainability of the soil of cultivated areas damaged by…

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We are Eco Agro Science, an Egyptian-British company specialized and pioneer in the field of environmental pesticides and fertilizers. This is due to the need of the local and global markets to provide a natural alternative for crop management and pest control without harming the environment.

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Educating the agricultural community about the need to use natural alternatives in agriculture to contribute to building a clean environment free of pesticide residues.